Infographic: Importance of Mobile Devices for E-commerce

The idea for this infographic about importance of mobile devices for e-commerce came to me when I was playing with Google Consumer Barometer. This tool provides insights into how people use the Internet around the world. The tool was developed to help businesses select the best strategies in an evolving digital environment. Typically I use Google Consumer Barometer in the research stage, when I need additional data or support for my newly born ideas.

Around two weeks ago, I was exploring various trends with this tool and investigating mobile trends in the United States. Quite often when considering different analytics, we compare the US and UK markets, so this time I did the same and it was an absolutely ridiculous procedure. There was no other way to compare those markets in Google Consumer Barometer other than opening two browsers and observing trends in this manner. That’s why I decided to make my life (and someone else’s life) a lot easier and created this nice infographic.  Take a look at it. I think it shows some really interesting insights!

 Infographics The Importance of Mobile Devices for E-commerce